Annexationism and Democracy

Our ideological lexicon is replete with expressions and quotes warning about the dangers of government overreach. One comes from the pen of J. R. R. Tolkien: “Not in in a million is fit for it [political power], and least of all those who seek the opportunity[1] (emphasis added). We are all aware of the corrupting nature of high office, but here Tolkien touches on a less politically correct aspect of this truism; the specific danger of Democracy. In Representative Democracies people stand for office as part of a broader political platform or otherwise, they seek the opportunity to become a member of the governing clique. Ought not our suspicion of government power be amplified in the face of persons desiring to wield such power? After all, how many can be said to want it so as to better leave us alone? The next question therefore is to enquire as to whether some political posts are best left to accidental acquisition.



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