There have been moves afoot for some time now to restore some degree of unity among the various orthodox Christian churches. In my view this can be a negative or positive objective, depending on the view of ‘ecumenism’ we embrace. On the one hand we can seek to come together as Christians extolling the fundamental orthodoxies of our faith so as to confront an increasingly secular world. I consider this view to be very fruitful indeed and that the establishing of normal and friendly relationships between our churches can only be a good thing. Alternatively, ecumenism can mean the consolidation of our denominations into a single dogmatic whole, with most or all of our distinctions eroded in favour of a common piece of turf in the ‘middle ground’. As a Catholic I believe that we can learn from our brothers (particular the Eastern Orthodox) but to shed the tenets of our church would be an unconscionable betrayal of her heritage.


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